An entirely new standard for how we share experiences with the people we love

Welcome to tapReplay

Right now, the game is a changing fast. With social media, video sharing platforms and OTT streaming apps, the way that we’re creating, sharing and watching is hard to keep up with. But why is the experience still the same as it was 5, 10 years ago? There have been a few small changes, but nothing that’s really been impactful for us, the creators, the ones who are doing all the work. The only real changes have been things like new algorithms to help the tech giants like Youtube and Instgram make more money. It’s getting worse every year and we think it’s time to shake things up a bit.

For the last two years, our team has been fiercely dedicated to rethinking the way all these people who are part of the ‘our little world’ will work together -- creators, viewers, retailers, advertisers, agencies, shoppers. What role will technology play? What is possible? What is needed? What’s the right thing to do? We asked ourselves these questions everyday while making tapReplay and are pretty happy to share what we came up with.

One idea really drove us -- EMPOWERING CONTENT CREATORS. We want to help our friends. We want to set an entirely new standard for how we share experiences with the people we love. With that in mind we built tapReplay, a creator friendly platform and accompanying suite of media tools and services that helps artists build, manage, monetize and grow interactive channels on Apple TV (Roku and Amazon Fire coming soon).

From start to finish, we’ve built everything you need to grow your brand on an entirely new platform, create a better experience for your viewers and make some extra money. No tech background needed, the cost is low, and it fits nicely into your workflow. We don’t expect you to give up Instagram and Youtube (yet!) but we think tapReplay is going to be an excellent addition to the mix. Hopefully someday, with your help, we can all break free from ads and affiliate links and give our viewers the experience they deserve.

Let us know what you think! More to come soon.

Channels Using tapReplay