tapReplay makes it simple to build, manage and monetize your own interactive channels for Apple TV.

Reach 62+ Million Fans

Add Apple TV and instantly reach 25+ Million homes with 62+ Million Viewers.

Get Paid & Grow Your Brand

Amplify your current monetization and brand partnership strategy with the tapShelf.

Enhance Your Content

Create interactive experiences and engage with your audience on a new level.

Turn Your Content Into A Digital Storefront

All of our channels include a one of a kind experience engine, the tapShelf. It’s a customizable digital storefront that lets you choose how you monetize your channel. Creators can add interactive experiences to enhance their content and make money without losing engagement. There’s tons of possibilities to inspire your audience and enhance your partnerships.

Share Experiences: Make it easy for your audience to follow in your footsteps.

Accept Donations: Now your fans can support you with no-fee donations.

Sell Products, Services & Digital Downloads: Customize your tapShelf with experiences that are relevant to your content.


Channels Using tapReplay